Zirkus Zentral Vienna

Zirkus Zentral established itself in 1923 on the site of the old Kaisergarten opposite the Circus Busch Vienna and was an important establishment of circus arts in Vienna for around a decade and a half.

The circus was constructed inside an old warehouse from the First World War

In 1928 the 100th anniversary of Franz Schubert’s death was commemorated with a Schubert revue, in 1930 the carnivore circus Willy Hagenbeck, the Jacob Busch circus with the water pantomime Vienna-Hollywood and the Löwinger stage for a few weeks, in 1931/1932 the circus played here Knie, 1933/1934 (before its dissolution) the Kludsky circus and the Medrano circus in 1936.

Since the last operator, Jakob Staub, did not return to Vienna from a stay abroad for political reasons in 1938, but emigrated to the United States of America. His wife who had stayed behind continued operations, but had to close shortly after. The building initially served as a warehouse, but was demolished in 1942.


Praterstern 6
1020 Wien

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