Zirkus Schumann Vienna

Albert Schumann had a wooden circus building erected in the Austrian capital Vienna in 1890. Two years later the building needed enlarging and in 1903, whilst also building his circus theater in Frankfurt Schumann also had constructors Heinrich and Franz Stagl erect a stone circus building with 3200 seats designed by architect Alois Müller. The building had a circular shape which measured 50 meters in diameter, was 22,5 meter heigh (up to the top of the lantern). It was openend on the 9th of April 1904.

Schumann would become the biggest competitor for Circus Busch in Vienna.

The building was demolished in 1922 after Schumann had retired to life of the proceeds he made from his theater in Frankfurt in 1919. In 1926/27 the Zweite Zentralberufsschule (Second central vocational school) was build on the former circus plot. Years later from 1959 to 1995 brilliant circus shows would be given with “Artisten Tiere Attraktionen” in the Wiener Stadthalle which is located just 295 meters (approx. 968 feet) from where the Schumann Circus once stood.


Märzstraße 6
1150 Wien

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