Vladivostok State Circus

The history of the Vladivostok Circus is more than 100 years old. For the first time, residents of Vladivostok saw a circus show in 1885 in the Lamberger circus, located on Svetlanskaya street in the Club ravine (now the territory of the Sailor Club). From this time in Vladivostok, circuses of different orientation were opened alternately. Their total number reaches ten. In the circuses there were both Russian and foreign troupes. The success of the circus in the city is evidenced by the fact that, being in Vladivostok in May 1891, Tsarevich Nicholas, heir to the royal crown, granted a circus reward of 100 rubles.


Svetlanskaya Street 103
690000 Vladivostok
Primorskiy kray


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