Teatro-Circo Santa Susana

Oviedo residents Doiztúa, Aza, Valdés and San Román formed a company to construct a Teatro Circo in which not only theater and circus performances would take place but also “becerradas” bull fights with young bulls. Land was acquired and construction began in 1883 and was completed a year later in 1884. The building opened its doors on August 28, 1884. It had two facades (A Santa Susana and Quintana), 320 seats and 1,372 grandstands around the huge track. The outer shape was polygonal on ten sides with a round inner track. For a municipality that did not reach 40,000 inhabitants, it was a very considerable size.

The circus building stood on the corner of Quintana and Santa Susana street, where the Oviedo Chamber of Commerce is currently located. The Teatro-Circo Santa Susana had a capacity of 1,692 people and was designed by the ubiquitous municipal architect Juan Miguel de la Guardia. Unfortunately just nine years after its opening, on July 11, 1893, the entire building burned to the ground.

The real cause of the fire that easily ignited the wooden structure and the interior, full of combustible materials, was never known. De la Guardia presented a new circus project around 1900 to build it in what is now Plaza de la Escandalera, it was never built.


Calle Santa Susana, 7
33007 Oviedo

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