Teatro Circo Porto

The Teatro de Sá da Bandeira is one of the best known theaters in the city of Porto, Portugal, located near Praça da Liberdade, on a street with the same name.

On August 4, 1855, it was inaugurated as Teatro Circo, a wooden shack, built by D. José Toudon Ferrer Catalon for his equestrian company.

In 1867 it was demolished to make another one made of stone and lime, which was replaced, ten years later, by the building that has survived until today. Until the opening of Rua Sá da Bandeira, at the end of the 1870s, when its façade for that street was built, the theater had access only by the then street of Santo António, by some stairs that still exist. By that time it was renamed Teatro-Circo do Príncipe Real.

It was, if not considered the Teatro São João, considered the best theater in the city of Porto. There, in November 1895, Sarah Bernhardt performed, with several pieces including “A Dama das Camélias” and “Fedora”; there was the first presentation, in Porto, of the Animatógrafo («of the electrician Mr. Rousby» on 17 July 1896) and also there, on 12 November 1896, that Aurélio da Paz dos Reis presented the first films made by a Portuguese .

In October 1910 (a week after the establishment of the Republic) the name Teatro do Príncipe Real was changed to Teatro Sá da Bandeira.

One of his most notable entrepreneurs was Afonso Taveiro, who would die of apoplexy in the theater audience when he directed the general rehearsal of Eduardo Schwalbach’s magazine “O dia do Juízo”. However, in 1909 his greatest mentor emerged: Arnaldo Moreira da Rocha Brito great entrepreneur “free-thinker” who was entrepreneur of this theater until his death in 1970, completing 60 years of management. This man from Porto stands out because he was also the first tenant of the Coliseu do Porto … having maintained this management for 8 years … leaving for not agreeing with the then Salazarist politicism. It was one of the first, if not the first theater in Porto, to use electric lighting instead of gas lighting.

In May 1899, when the National Theater Company D. Maria II of Lisbon was presented there, the advertising posters contained the indication that “In all the shows of this company, the room and the stage are illuminated by electric light, which provides viewers with a pleasant temperature “.

On June 23, 2017, it was announced that the Porto City Council will buy the Sá da Bandeira Theater for the price of 2.1 million euros. [1]

Features [edit
The building includes, in addition to the theater, three stores, and has a total of five thousand square meters of covered area.

In addition to the main room, the theater has two more cinemas.


R. de Sá da Bandeira 108
4000-427 Porto


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