Teatro Circo Maracay

On June 24, General Juan Vicente Gómez inaugurated the Circo Maracay Theater (renamed in recent years Ateneo de Maracay), located at the intersection of what is now called Calle Santos Michelena and Calle López Aveledo.
The theater project was carried out in 1922 at the Ministry of Public Works MOP by engineer Ricardo Razetti. The direction and administration of the construction was in charge of the engineer from Merida, Epifanio Balza Davila.
The work was paralyzed from 1924 until April 1925, the date on which the metal roof structure manufactured in the USA arrived in Maracay. Its capacity was 450 seats.
The theater was closed in 1935, reopened in 1968 and closed again, due to deterioration, in 1989. Since 1995, recovered, it operates under the protection of the Fundación Teatro Ateneo de Maracay.


Santos Michelena, c/c Av., Calle López Aveledo

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