Teatro Circo | Lugo, Spain

Unfortunately nothing remains of the Teatro Circo Lugo. Built in 1896 in Neo-Arabic style design, under the orientalist influence of European architecture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, by the architect Juan Álvarez de Mendoza. The Teatro Circo boasted elements as horseshoe arches above doors and windows, landscape openings, quadrangular or lowered arches. It had a rectangular floor plan of 22.5m wide by 25 long which had attached to its front an entrance portal of 5m by 16m.

The Teatro Circo Logo had office facilities, a ticket office, cloakroom, dressing rooms, lobby, warehouses, toilets, stairs leading to the 20 independent boxes and galleries, as well as a large circular hall with 226 seats and an upper tier on iron columns, with a total capacity of 800 seats.

For the next 25 years, this Teatro Circo Lugo hosted theatrical performances, concerts, conferences, dances and was later used as a cinema too. Eventually it was heavily remodeled into a cinema which in its turn was demolished after being badly damaged by a fire.