Stavropol State Circus

Today it is difficult to name the date of the very first circus performance in Stavropol. We know one thing – from the first fairs here broke their cloth tents of clowns and buffoons, the heroes, bent horseshoes, raised on the shoulders of bulls and invited to fight all comers… In the second half of the 19th century, when Stavropol received the status of a provincial city and became a trade center of the South of Russia, circus keepers became frequent here. The Stavropol “aristocracy” prejudiced the circus “Shapito”. In the press, only occasionally reported “sensational numbers” – “riders, galloping on a horse with a boiling samovar.” Or, say, with a tattooed American Miss Emeline, nicknamed “a living art gallery with 300 artistically executed on her body pictures.”


бул. Генерала Ермолова, 2
355008 Stavropol
Stavropolskiy kray

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