Simferopol State Circus

The history of the Simferopol circus began in the fall of 1959 – it was then that the first stationary circus was built in the capital of Crimea. Before that, temporary circus-tent came to the city. The Simferopol Circus was erected in the very center of the city and worked only in the summer. Soon the circus was partially rebuilt and began to function all year round.

The first director of the Simferopol circus was I. G. Vaysfeld. And already in 1962, the circus was headed by Boris Nikolaevich Tezikov, whose name the building currently holds.

For more than 50 years of existence, the stars of the world circus, people’s and honored artists of the USSR have managed to visit the Simferopol circus: Leonid Yengibarov, Yuri Nikulin, rope walkers Tashkenbaevs, Lyudmila and Vladimir Shevchenko, Igor and Emil Kio, Karandash, the Durovs, Kornilovs, Filatovs, Irina dynasties Bugrimova, clowns Berman, Vyatkin, Margarita Nazarova, aerial acrobats and gymnasts Volzhansk and many other famous artists.

Groups and artists from Georgia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, China, Bulgaria, Poland, Kenya, Romania, Czechoslovakia and Hungary performed at the arena of the Simferopol circus.

The Simferopol Circus has never had large venues, an additional arena, or rehearsal halls. But, nevertheless, on the basis of the Simferopol circus, world-famous circus groups were created and released: in 1970 – “Circus on the Water”, in 1971 – “Circus on Ice”, in 1976 – “Circus- Revue “, in 1978 -” Equestrian divertissement “.

The circus auditorium is designed for 1,300 seats.