Shymkent Circus

On December 17, 2011 in honor of the 20th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of the regional akim, the GKKP “Shymkent Circus” was opened. The director of the institution is Aliyev Arman Makhmutovich. The building of the circus, built according to the standard design is designed for 1200 places. The total area is 6 194 m2, of which 1410.7 m2 are additional rooms (711.7 m2 – hangar, 213 m2 – small playpen and 486 m2 – office building).

On the territory of the Shymkent Circus, there is a parking lot, a circus building and a hangar. The western side of the territory of the circus borders 238.09 meters with B. Momyshuly street, 238.22 meters with an international tennis court and 351.3 meters with the Abay park. In such a short time, Shymkent Circus managed to become one of the important cultural centers of our city. He has close relationships with circus groups of near and far abroad. And also a memorandum of cooperation was signed by the directors of GKKP KazGosTsirk and GKKP Stolichny Circus. Work continues in introducing the possibilities of circus art through the exchange of experience.

Sunny Shymkent is known as a large cultural center, and the beautiful and magical world of the circus further supports its high culture. Day after day, the number of viewers rushing to see their favorite artists again increases. Obvious labor and the search for a creative team. To date, the institution has 13 departments. According to the approved staffing table, the number of employees is 197 people. The total number of employees is 188, of which 125 are creative workers, and the number of artists is 59.


Uol B.Momyshuly 20G

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