Saratov State Circus

The Russian Circus began its history in 1873, when the young, but already well-known Russian circus artists Dmitri, Akim and Pyotr Nikitin, natives and residents of the Saratov province, returned to their native Saratov after a long touring tour of the cities of central Russia. In Saratov, the news awaited them: the owner of the “wandering” circus was an Austrian citizen Emanuel Beranek (an ethnic Czech), an elderly and not very healthy man, tired of protracted failures and losses, and therefore long stuck in Saratov, suggested that the growing and enterprising brothers enter In business as partners. The Nikitins agreed and, having formed their own circus program, began to give presentations on the counties of Saratov province. Soon it turned out that someone should be in charge of the case, and in order to avoid annoying disputes and humiliating sharing of proceeds, Beranek decided to sell to his brothers Nikitin his “circus institution, consisting of horses, vans, capitols, suits and other accessories.” December 5, 1873 was drafted, where the partners discussed the conditions for the transfer of circus assets and payments through the Saratov Public Bank. So the first Russian national circus was born and the merit of its creation, of course, belongs to the brothers Nikitin. Prior to this day, all the circus enterprises were headed by foreign entrepreneurs.


Ulitsa Bol’shaya Kazach’ya, 43
410000 Saratrov
Saratovskaya oblast’

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