Qiqihar Circus

First established in 1952, Qiqihar Circus is one of the famous large circus and acrobatics performances troupes of China. The circus is good at performing thrilling high altitude acrobatic shows, traditional acrobatic shows requiring highly difficult skills and circus beast training shows, and their performances have strong Chinese national style and healthy and unconstrained northern features of China. Their footprints have covered more than 100 cities in 25 municipalities, provinces and autonomous regions of China as Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai, etc since adopting the form of performance tent in 1953; they also successively went to more than 30 countries and regions in 6 continents for visiting and commercial performances, including Korea, Vietnam, Canada, United States, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Tanzania, Thailand, Mexico, and Spain, etc, with huge success, and they have won honors for the country and hometown.

Many talents come out of this circus in succession, and their shows and programs are continuously innovated and improved. The acrobatic shows Aerial Swing, Aerial Gymnastics, Suspended Ropewalking and Pennant Dancing, etc are repeatedly awarded with honors and prizes on domestic and international acrobatic contests. The circus is also invited to participate the shooting of more than ten films including New Shows of Circus, Laughter, Swallows Spread Wings in Spring, and Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix, etc. Qiqihar Circus has become a “business card” of Qiqihar City, and has played a unique role in improving the reputation of Qiqihar at home and abroad.


Xinming St, Jianhua Qu, Qiqihaer Shi
Heilongjiang Sheng

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