Penza State Circus

December 25, 1873 (January 7, 1874, according to a new style) the Nikitin brothers opened the first Russian circus on the Sura River in Penza. This day went down in history as the birthday of the Russian national circus. At first the performances were given on ice: the Nikitins spread out bundles in a circle, frosted the poles in the ice of Sura and covered it with tarpaulins. This was the first circus, where only Russian artists performed. In 1906 Albert Sur built a winter wooden circus building in Penza, which was destroyed during the Civil War. On the tour to Penza, with the Nikitin brothers, were the famous Russian trainers V.L. and A.L. Durovs.


Ulitsa Plekhanova, 13
440000 Penza
Penza Oblast

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