Old Voronezh State Circus

On June 22, 1929, Voronezh acquired a new stationary circus building, which was erected in a record short time in 34 days. The construction cost the state 100 thousand rubles. The new building was built on Plekhanovskaya Street on the site of the former Round Rows.The building was destroyed in 1942.

The circus was given the name of the hero of the Civil War and the future Marshal of the Soviet Union Semyon Mikhailovich Budyonny. It can be assumed that, assigning the name of a military leader to a cultural institution, the local authorities were guided by two reasons (in order to somehow attract Budyonny to the circus): firstly, Budyonny’s cavalry liberated Voronezh in October 1919 from the White Guards; secondly, Semyon Mikhailovich was very fond of equestrian sports and circus art.

The main feature of the new circus, the regional newspaper Kommuna reported, is the absence of a traditional gallery. All places in the circus are seated and numbered.

The second feature is the extensive service areas: lobby, foyer, buffet, dressing rooms, stables. Special rooms are allocated for the local committee and for the red corner.


Plekhanovskaya Ulitsa, 36
Voronezhskaya oblast’
RUSSIA 394018

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