Dnipropetrovsk Old Circus

In Dnepropetrovsk, there are many old buildings that have become worthless due to the negligence of the authorities and the lack of money in the city’s budget. Many of them are shrouded in legends, which are no longer possible to verify. One of them is the building of the old circus near the “Ozerki” . 50 years ago, not bags and boxes were lying inside it, but cages with big cats, elephants, clowns called it home and under the dome gymnasts performed tricks. According to the city historian Maxim Kavun, this circus building, built in the style of “Stalin’s Empire”, can be considered as a monument to architecture. But, like many other historical objects for Dnepropetrovsk, the Soviet Circus is not worth registering, which led to such a deplorable state of the building.


Shmidta St, 7
49000 Dnipropetrovs’k
Dnipropetrovs’ka oblast

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