Nouveau Cirque Municipal, Limoges

The Cirque de Limoges was a stable circus built in 1925 in Limoges. Work began in 1911, but was slowed down by the war. Its architect is Émile Robert.

The dome was 18.75 meters above the circus ring, which measured 13 meters in diameter. The circus had 1,860 seats.

The interior was decorated with mounted canvases by artist David Widhopff, some of them are currently kept at the Musée municipal de l’Évêché.

In 1928, the circus building was remodelled so that it could also host theater performances.

The building was destroyed in 1958. The Limoges Grand Theatre was built on its site which currently houses the Opéra of Limoges.


48, Rue Jean Jaurès
87000 Limoges

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