Nieuw Circus / Wintercircus in Gent

Nieuw Circus

The Nieuw Circus (New Circus) of Ghent was built in 1894 on the plans of the architect Emile De Weerdt for the Equestrian Club of Ghent. Following its destruction in 1920 by a fire, it was architect Jules Pascal Ledoux who was entrusted with its reconstruction in 1923. The image on this page of how the building looked before the fire. Ledoux replaced the destroyed domed roof with a modern straight lined one. In 1944, the New Circus is definitely closed. In 1947, after major structural changes to the site, G. Mahy’s garage opened its doors and gradually incorporated an exhibition site for its collection of vintage cars. It will in turn shut down in 1978 and the building has remained abandoned for decades.

In 2019/2020 the city of Ghent who had acquired the building started a mayor renovation and refurbishment of the building. They removed the mostly intact old stables and created a dance club in the basement. The old circus ring and seating area is to become an open public space where the steel construction of Ledoux can be admired. The old elephant walk (the corridor from the exotic animal stables to the circus ring) was renovated and kept.
The building is set to re-open in 2023.


Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 9-13 / Lammerstraat 13
9000 Ghent

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