Lorensberg Cirkus

The circus plot no. 90 in the 12th root, the 26th block Stegeborg, was an area of ​​approximately 4,500 square meters which was initially used exclusively for circus purposes.

In 1884, Gothenburg’s first permanent circus building was erected here in a corner of Lorensbergsparken on the initiative of the country’s then owner and cellar master at Lorensberg, Gustaf Lundstedt. The circus was started together with the German circus director Gotthold Schumann. The circus itself was built of wood, but the stable of stone. The cost amounted to SEK 40,000.

Among others, Cirkus Orlando, the largest in Sweden, played as a guest. In April 1898, Cirkus du Nord played at Lorensberg and then a spectacular fatal accident occurred. The tragedy would give rise to both a Swedish and a Danish cinema film; The death ride under the circus dome and Dødsspring on horseback from the circus dome, both in 1912. The main character was the Italian trainer Corradini who was hoisted 15 meters up in the circus dome, sitting on the stately gelding Blondin. On a small platform, the horse performed a kind of dance that ended with a fireworks display over the manege. One evening, the horse took a step off the platform that immediately capsized. Both Blondin and Corradini died.

On January 9, 1900, the circus building burned down (it was Cirkus Bergman who tried to dry a tent inside the circus building). Due to the fact that the whole spring was fully booked, they wanted to build a new building quickly. On March 16, the drawings for a new wooden building were approved and by the end of February, the foundation was ready. Builder Herman Dähn then managed to complete Lorensberg’s new circus in just 26 days, and on March 21 [3], circus Ed. Wulff has its premiere. From being used exclusively for circuses, the repertoire was soon expanded to all kinds of public entertainment, such as sports, theater and revues. The last circus performance in Lorensberg was Cirkus Scott, September 28, 1969.

In the last years of the 1960s, the circus had a short-term contract, and on November 24, 1969, the dirty green building was demolished. Today (2019) there is a parking garage on the plot.

The circus business in Gothenburg then turned to the circuses being allowed to bring their own circus tents. The city provided for this a place at the southwest corner of Heden (at the corner of Södra Vägen and Engelbrektsgatan), where circus activities are still allowed, only a few hundred meters away from the former circus building.


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