Kharkov State Circus

Kharkov circus is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions of the profile in Ukraine. The history of the circus consists of a series of glorious pages, which allows us to rightly proud of the achievements of many generations of artists and circus workers.

Recent archival discoveries show that the first heating wood circuses began to appear in our city since the early 60s the 19th century.

However, it is assumed that the first truly permanent circus in Kharkov was the circus known Austrian businessman Albert Salamonskoho (owner and founder of the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard).

Also working in circuses in different time brothers Godefroy A. Fyurrera brothers Nikitin, Ciniselli and others.

But the main thing is not dates, and indeed glorious creative work of such giants of pre-revolutionary circus as A.Salamonskiy brothers Nikitin duo Bim-Bom, brothers Vladimir and A.Durovy, I.Piddubnyy and a number of other artists and circus fighters.

Gradually, the old wooden buildings have changed capital. In the early 20th century, in 1906 was built Hrikke circus, and in 1911 the building of the circus Mussoorie (preserved to this day). The new building gave a powerful boost interest in circus arts.

Thus Kharkov became one of the few cities in Europe, which also worked on two stationary brick building.

It is fair to note that the circus buildings sometimes worked and theater companies, as these buildings were called circus-theater.

After the revolution Kharkov as the capital city, continued to meet the highest level in the field of circus arts.

In the 30 years was a major overhaul of the completion of the Kharkov circus (former circus Hrikke). Was completely replaced the dome building.

Today it operates Ukrainian administration to prepare circus attractions and numbers. In the former home of the circus for many years worked Mussoorie Kharkiv Opera Theater (now it is in poor condition).

In 1932, the circus was led by a prominent figure circus honored worker of culture of USSR Fred D. Yashin (1901-1987 ii). He was the director of the circus until 1982. Simultaneously he conducted summer Dnepropetrovsk circus, capital buildings constructed under his leadership in the postwar years.

With the direct participation F.D.Yashinova, since the 30s have been prepared many new numbers, attractions and program objectives.

He gave a start in life celebrity actress, People’s Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, Harkiv’yantsi Irina Buhrymovoyi – the first Soviet trainer of predatory animals. Today, the area on which the new Kharkov circus bears her name.

From the walls of the Kharkov circus were such prominent artists as trainer lions People’s Artist of the RSFSR A. Buslaev (I.Buhrimovoy first husband), Honored Artist of the RSFSR K. Berman – known clown who was born in the circus box office, virtuoso-balancer – Honored Artist of the RSFSR AP Mayatskyy whose life was associated for many years with Kharkov, headed 1st Ukrainian national circus collective prepared and made on the arena of the Kharkov circus.

The chief director of the Kharkov circus were: SM Odnopozov, from 1953 to 1974 GG – Candidate of Art EM Zyskynd (the director of the Kharkiv branch of the All-Union Directorate for circus training programs, rides and rooms), from 1974 to 1994 GG Honored Worker of Culture of the USSR, mass shows famous director VS Hamer, from 1994 to 2001 GG – Honored Artist A. Zhytnitskiy.

In the arena of the Kharkov circus first entered the arena as a clown, carpet in the future People’s Artist of the USSR, “solar clown” Popov.

In 1974 the Kharkov circus moved to a new building on the arena which on April 9 was given first performances.

It is difficult to enumerate all the great artists who worked here are just a few names: People’s Artist of the USSR Yuri Nikulin, V. Filatov, H. Zaripov, I. Cantemir, M.Zapashnyy, L. and V. Shevchenko, Pencil (M.Rumyantsev ), people’s Artist V. Sweet, M. Shuydin, T. and S. Kukes, V. Shemshur Averino Yu, Yu Kuklachev, A. Marchevekiy E. Mayhrovskyy E. Belyauzr S. Ignatov, A. Visetaev T. Nugzar Yu Merdenov, Behbudi S. Yu Durov, B. Biryukov and others.

Almost all prominent Soviet circus performers acted on our arena.

Today Kharkov circus is a smithy of creative shots for Ukrainian circus.

From 1982 to 2001 was director of the Kharkov circus Yunakova NM, from 2001 to the present director of the Kharkov circus is A. A.Zhitnitskiy.

Over the past decade issued number of different genres, including “air flight” n / p S. Manchuk “air flight” c / S.Kovalenkom “Parterre flight” n / p S. Shatalov, “Flying Without mesh” Mr. / p M. Sevryukova “Playing with whips Zorro”, “Free pony taming” c / A.Spektora numbers jugglers, riders, acrobats. In September 2008 a new edition number “Acrobats on a trampoline” led by E. Zakharov.

In the circus prepared a new attraction “trained lions’ c / A. Kicks, it premiered in September 2006. This attraction dedicated to the memory IM Buhrymovoyi.

Kharkov circus remains a favorite place for leisure guests and Kharkiv, where spectators invariably receive a charge of optimism, where funny jokes, breathtaking stunts, our “smaller brothers’ delight, their art and give people a good mood!


Maydan Iryny Buhrymovoyi, 1
61000 Kharkov
Kharkovs’ka oblast

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