Ivanovo State Circus

In 1929, with the formation of the Ivanovo industrial region, Ivanovo-Voznesensk became the capital of one of the largest economic regions of the USSR. In this regard, the pace of construction of residential and public buildings has dramatically increased. The beginning of the 1930s was marked by a decision to lay down the two largest public buildings in the forms of avant-garde architecture on the opposite banks of the Uvod River, the drama and circus theater, by the decision of the regional executive committee. The authors of the project of the first Soviet state circus were graduates of the Civil Engineering Faculty of IVPI – architect S.А.Minofiev and engineer B.V. Lopatin. In May 1931, the project of the largest circus building in the USSR for three thousand places was published, where the construction of a hemispherical dome of 32 wooden half-arches was supposed to be unprecedented in originality. The diameter of the dome was 50, and its height was 25 meters.


Prospekt Lenina, 42
153002 Ivanovo
Ivanovo Oblast


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