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Circus History in Vietnam

In the early twentieth century, many famous circus troupes came to Vietnam such as Chinese variety group (1912), Japanese circus (1913), British Bostock circus (1914), British Armstrong circus (1922). and 1930), Mexican Rodeo Circus (1927), Carnavale de Manila of Philippines (1929), and Uytixay of India (1935) performed many new, interesting and risky circuses.

      Before the events of many Western Circus delegations coming to Vietnam, the local circus artisans gathered to open a circus furnace, contributing capital to open circuses such as Andr√© Kid’s Circus in Sa Dec (1917), Circus Year Tu in My Tho (1918), Six Guns in the South (1919), Tan Nam Viet Circus burden in Saigon (1922), In Hanoi there is the Vietnam circus of Ta Duy Hien (1922), Circus Dai Nam Luu Khanh gate Van (1924), Long Tien Circus by Pham Xuan Trang (1925), Dai Viet Circus (Circus Ca Cong) by Mai Thanh Cac, and many other small circus groups scattered in the Central.

     On December 5, 1922, the Vietnamese circus of Ta Duy Hien performed at Hang Da Market, opening the trend of large-scale indigenous circus including canvas house, round stage, with a large cast and crew. Animal circus include: Elephants, tigers, bears, horses, goats, dogs, monkeys, … signaling a new era of Vietnam circus – Vietnam modern Circus.

     On January 16, 1956, the Central Circus Team was born, gathered many talented Artisans of the Red Rose circus of Hoang To, circus heroic Circus Dance of Tran Huy Chuong, Thang Long Circus of Ta Duy Mai … this is the first foundation of the Central Circus Team – Vietnam Circus Federation later.

     From 1956 to 1975 reunification of the country, Vietnam Circus thrived in both quantity and quality, meeting the requirements of the period of national construction and fighting to defend the country.

     On October 3, 1966, a big name of the Vietnam Circus industry died, that is the artist People’s Artist Ta Duy Hien, Ministry of Culture – Information gave a headstone clearly stating: “People’s Artist Ta Duy Hien , the founder of modern Vietnam Circus industry “

     In 1962 Vietnam Circus reached out to the World to perform successfully in Eastern Europe and a number of friends countries such as China, Korea, Mongolia, … participated in many international circus competitions in Cuba, the Soviet Union, China …
       On August 15, 1978, Minister of Culture and Information Nguyen Van Hieu signed the decision: “Converting the Central People’s Circus Group into the Vietnam Circus Federation” with 7 tasks:
 + Research and propose directions for the construction and development of the Circus industry.
 + Building repertoire, implementing performance plan targets.
 + Managing the content and art of the delegation in the Federation, professional and non-specialized circus units throughout the country.
 + Organize and direct for the Circus industry.
 + Collect research on the virtues of artistic experience and apply the research results in performance and teaching to promote the Vietnamese circus art tradition.
 + Train and foster professional and non-professional actors at the central and local levels.
 + Develop and submit to the Ministry of policies and regulations for the cast and circus staff.
     At home, the National Circus Festival in 1981, 1987, 1995, 2002 was an important milestone in the development and rise to the professional level of Vietnamese circus artists, with many circus delegations throughout the country participating. such as the Vietnam Circus Federation, the Hanoi Circus Group, the Ho Chi Minh City Circus Group, the Long An People’s Circus Group, the Dong Nai Circus Group, the Hoa Lan Circus Group …

     The achievement was achieved through the International Circus Festival in Vietnam in 1997. 2004, 2010, 2012, 2016 and the Circus Festival in France. Italy, Monaco, Hungary, Germany, Spain, China, Korea have won many major awards such as Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals, confirming the position of Vietnam Circus on the world circus stage. No small contribution to the performance of Vietnam circus in the country stage.
– Thanks to the effective contributions and outstanding achievements. The State has awarded Vietnam Circus Federation:
   + Third-class Labor Medal
   + Second-class Labor Medal
   + First-class labor medal
   + Third-class Independence Medal
   + Second-class Independence Medal
– In 2000, Vietnam Circus Federation was honored to be awarded by the State:
   + The first flag of the Culture and Information branch for many consecutive years, the rotating flag of the Prime Minister and many other noble rewards.
   + Awarded 6 People’s Artist titles, 31 Outstanding Artist Awards, and Excellent Teacher Award for talented circus artists, with exceptionally excellent contributions.
     More than 60 years of construction and development of the Vietnam Circus Federation has been the contribution of nearly 1,000 artists, musicians, painters, artists throughout the period. That achievement has been associated with important events of the country in the early period of national construction, the period of anti-destructive war, the period of socialist construction and the renovation cause of the entire nation.


67-69 Tran Nhan Tong Street
Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi


Vietnam Circus Federation
www.vietnamcircus.com (also in English)

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