Gomel State Circus

The current circus building, located in the center of the city, was inaugurated in 1972. The first performance took place on December 2, 1972. The circus is rectangular in plan. Above the ground floor, which unites the lobby, office rooms, cloakroom, cupboards, etc., there is a cup-shaped amphitheater overlapped by a sloping spherical dome. Behind the building there is an internal courtyard, where animal cages are located, connected directly with the arena. A hotel for artists is located 100 m from the circus building. The auditorium of the circus is designed for 1544 seats. The circus season lasts from September to May, during which five or six programs are changed.

In January 1966, construction began on a new permanent circus in Gomel. a model project, designed by architect A. Kudryavtsev, J. and M. Motorina Shulmeysteram at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Design of entertainment and sports facilities (Moscow) has been selected from a variety of options. All the necessary work for the project during the construction of the circus in Gomel with the development of separate structures and dtalyav (so-called “binding”) was carried out by employees “Belgosproekt” Gomel Branch of Design Institute under the guidance Sh.I. Hinchyna (director of the branch, and with 1975 – The Institute “Gomelgrazhdanproekt.” – A. Karamyshev) construction from start to finish in a known in stroytrest №14 (manager – honored builder BSSR OE Piskovski).

The entire building project had to deal several times with lack of funds and several other set-backs which caused the building progress to be very slow. That is why it took almost three years from 1970 to 1972 before the circus building was completed. In August 1970 V.Z. Krasnitskiy was appointed as the circus building director. On the 2nd of December 1972 the inauguration of the circus could, finally, take place.

A first glimpse of the new building and the first show was given the day before – December 1, 1972 for the construction workers who gave Gomel this beautiful palace of circus arts. For its time it was a highly modern building of glass and concrete, equipped with a wealth of technical innovations, top conveniences for spectators and artists and located in the city center.


Savieckaja Street 27
246050 Gomel


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