Durov Animal Theater

“The corner of Durov’s grandfather”, “The land of miracles of grandfather Durov”, “The Theater of Beasts named after VL Durov” – these names are familiar not only to residents of Moscow and Russian cities, but also to many guests from other countries. And really – this is an unusual house, like no other in the world. Here there is peace and harmony between Man and Nature. Here live a near by story and a fairy tale. He opened the corner on January 8, 1912 Vladimir Leonidovich Durov – a famous circus artist, clown-satirist, trainer, writer, scientist-zoopsychologist, the first Honored circus artist of Russia. He developed his own method of training – he refused a whip and a stick when working with animals. “Cruelty humiliates, only kindness can be beautiful,” Durov said.


Ulitsa Durova, 2, стр. 1
129090 Moscow


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