Donetsk State Circus

Donetsk State Circus “Cosmos” is a theatrical and entertainment institution of culture, subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.

The main activities of the circus are the servicing of the population with the services of circus art and the preservation of traditions, the preparation of new and improving existing circus numbers, the organization of art festivals, competitions, reviews, theatrical and concert programs, etc.

The first stationary circus in the city was opened on January 7, 1926. This building was wooden. The initiator of the construction and the first director of the circus was Fedor Dmitrievich Yashinov. The artistic troupe chose the name “Kolart” (the collective of artists). The building remained until 1933, and then burned down. In the following years, numerous mobile circus tents worked in the city.

The modern Donetsk circus was built by the Donetskgorstroy Trust under the project of architects from the Moscow Institute Giproteater and young engineers from the Donbassgrazhdanproekt Institute. They abandoned the traditional forms of circus with a dome, created a unique construction of the most modern lines for 1850 seats. The building is a truncated cylinder with a diameter of 60 meters and a height of 30 meters.

The circus was opened on August 26, 1969, on the eve of the jubilee celebrations dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the city of Donetsk.

Representatives of the famous artistic dynasties of the Durovs, Filatovs, Zapashny, Olkhovikovs, Volzhansky, Kio, Aleksandrov-Serge, Kantemirov, Begbudi, Tashkenbaevs, Khodjaevs, etc. performed on the arena of the Donetsk circus more than once. .

The coryphaees of the circus arena worked there: Yuri Nikulin, Oleg Popov, Mikhail Rumyantsev, Irina Bugrimova, Margarita Nazarova, Lyudmila and Vladimir Shevchenko, Lyudmila Kotova and Yury Ermolaev, Valery Denisov, Alexander Kornilov, Stepan Isahakyan, Viktor Tikhonov, Tamerlan Nugzarov, Vladimir Doveyko, Marina Mayatskaya, Nelly Kaseeva and many others.

The directors of the circus were N.Tkachenko (1969-1970), Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Academician of the Academy of Circus Art of Russia G.M.Glikin (1970-1996), since 1996 – Honored Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of the Ukrainian Award The S. Prokofiev Cultural Foundation Yu.N.Kukuzenko; The main directors are the honored worker of culture of Ukraine, the Academician of the Academy of circus art of Russia G.M.Glikin (1970-2003), since 2005 – V.V. Arvanov; The main conductors – SA Golberg (1969-1980), VG Volkov (1980-1997), VP Ryabenko (1997-2000, 2003-2006), Yu.N.Voloshin (2000 -2003, 2006-present).

Thanks to the initiative of the circus, a lot of interesting and exciting charitable actions took place. Guests of the circus were orphans, children with disabilities, Chernobyl victims, servicemen, war and labor invalids, pensioners and other privileged categories of the region’s population.

One of the leading circus circuses of the country, the Donetsk circus for all the years of work has made a great creative contribution to the development of circus art. His “graduates” were the following circus performances, which received the approval of the press and viewers:


“Jazz chimpanzee” (attraction) – art. Wanda and Valentin Ivanov
Equalizer on the transition ladders – hands. Raisa Starostina
Gymnasts on the horizontal bars – hands. Yury Sotnikov

Acrobats on the trampoline – hands. Gennady Moskalev

Aerial gymnasts – hands. Guram Matriashvili
Rolikoborozhcy – hands. Nikolay Petrov
Clever clowns – art. Fedor Butygin, Ivan Fesenko

Acrobats on a swing – hands. Alexander Ryzhov

Equalizer on the trampoline – hands. Nikolay Kotlyarov

Equilibrium on the wire – hands. Sergey Kotlyarov
Acrobats on the stairs – hands. Mikhail Furmanov
Balance-balancers – hands. Yevgeny Kruminsh

The acrobatic ensemble “Romashka” – hands. Oleg Belyayev
Training of birds “Bird’s Olympics” – hands. Lilia Belyaeva
Acrobats with flip-boards – hands. People’s Artist of the USSR Vladimir Doveyko
Air gymnasts on the matte-ladder – hands. Anatoly Egorov

Acrobatic ensemble with flip-flops – hands. Vladimir Chernih

Jockeys-riders-hands. Sergey Kadnikov
Illusion – hands. Oksana Chernovol
Mixed group of animals – hands. Yury Zhukov

Artistic and acrobatic group – hands. Rustam Kamemeldinov
Rope walkers – hands. Yuriy Bykovsky
Air gymnast – art. Eugene Samoylenko

Ground acrobats – hands. Igor Gavrelyuk
Gymnasts on the trampoline – hands. Vladimir Polyansky
Gymnast in the ring – art. Victoria Chirwa
Circus performance “The Creation of the World” – hands. Larisa Pisarenko
Gymnast on the straps – art. Alexander Streltsov
Comic acrobats with a trampoline – hands. Dmitry Zverev

Ground acrobats – hands. Vasily Kharitonov
Equilibrium on the transition ladder – hands. Gennady Markov
Voltige on horseback – art. Valery Bazyan

Acrobats – jumpers – hands. Nikolay Maksimov
Acrobats on the trampoline – hands. Alexey Skripnik
Tempo acrobats are hands. Igor Kucherenko
Training of birds “Cranes” – hands. Michael Grills
Acrobatic ensemble – hands. Mikhail Shemshur


Acrobats with a pole – hands. Irina Shestua

Acrobatic ensemble with poles – hands. Victor Rzaev
1986 .

Equilibrists on pear – hands. Marina Havros
Horse rodeo – hands. Konstantin Pliev

Clowns of the carpet – art. Vladimir Ivanov, Sergey Starikov
Dances on the wire – art. Irina Kuznetsova
Dances on the wire “Cosmic fantasy” – art. Irina Gurova
Dressage dogs – art. Nina Hertz

Clowns of the carpet – art. Sergey Panov, Victor Novikov
Air gymnasts on rotating apparatus – hands. Ivan Measep
The duet on the rope – art. Anna and Adam Visitaevy
Musical clowning – hands. Iolanta Ignatova
Acrobats on balls – hands. Galina Bourbo
Equilibrium on monocycles – art. Gennady Bryantsev

The power juggler “Cossack-hero” – art. Valery Kazumman
Equestrian number “Kindergarten” – art. Elena Lvova

Power jugglers “The Forge” – art. Igor Ilchenko and Vladimir Kozlov
Riders “Zaporozhye Cossacks” – hands. Gennady Gavrilenko

Comic equilibration “Pippi-long stocking” – art. Olesya Achkasova

Air gymnast on the cord de parley – art. Natalia Navolneva
High School of Riding – art. Leonid Denisov

Air gymnasts on the frame – art. Nina and Alexander Ampodistov
Acrobats on the rollers “Sea Fun” – hands. Valery Timokhin

Plastic acrobatics on the pedestal – art. Irina Shanenko

Comic acrobats-eccentrics (2nd number) – art. Igor Ilchenko and Vladimir Kozlov
Icarian games on motorcycles – hands. Vladimir Kuskov
Clown duo – art. Oksana Nikolaeva and Igor Ishmukhamedov
Equilibrium with candles on the pedestal – art. Olga Pappe

Horse-acrobatic number “Cowboy Fun” (2nd number) – hands. Gennady Gavrilenko
Comic acrobats on monocycles – hands. Vitaliy Kucherenko
Dressing exotic animals – art. Oksana Vyhornitskaya
2001 full reconstruction with the introduction of new artists:

Gymnasts on the rings – hands. Alexander Utkin
Gymnasts on the horizontal bars – hands. Alexander Utkin

Acrobats on rollers – hands. Alexander Ampodistov
Plastic acrobatics with juggling – art. Anna and Yuri Lobuntso you

Gymnasts on the static trapezoid “Sky love” – ​​art. N.Piantek and M.Pavlov
Mono-stick art. Christina and Gennady Nikodimov

Acrobat-knife – art. Denis Navolnev

Air flight – hands. Sergey Manchuk

Paired riding school – art. Maxim Shakurov and Anastasia Sarayeva
Flying acrobats – hands. Sergey Shatalov
Irish saga (trained ponies) – isp. Andrey Spector and Olga Nikonenko

“Dogs-veletny” (dresure of Caucasian shepherds) pід керівництвом Тімохіної Л.Г.

Hyena and leopards under the leadership of Victor Nikulin
Air gymnasts on the canvas Liana Manchuk and Vladislav Pavlukhin

Air flight – the head Sergei Manchuk.

“Acrobats on rollers” – p / p Valery Timokhin

“The trained cats and foxes” – p / r Lyubov Timokhina. 
Directed by S.А. Mom.
One of the activities of the Donetsk Circus is the development of the circus artistic amateur performance of the region. The circus is essentially a methodological center, an organizer and a creative laboratory. Since 1975, regional holidays are regularly held – festivals of circus art. For the love of spectators in 2001, the Donetsk State Circus became the owner of the prestigious regional prize “Golden Scythian”.

In May 2009, the International Charitable Foundation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church “Saint Great Martyr George the Victorious” awarded the staff of the State Enterprise “Donetsk State Circus ” the Order of the Archangel Michael.


Lenins’kyi Avenue 2
83000 Donetsk
Donets’ka oblast

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