Cyrk Braci Staniewskich

Circus of Staniewscy Brothers – circus and brick circus building located on the corner of Ordynacka and Okólnik streets in Warsaw .

It operated from 1882 to 1939, when it burned down during the bombing of Warsaw in 1939.

It was an eight – storey Neo – Renaissance building that met world standards, with an auditorium that could accommodate about 3,000 spectators. The cost of its construction amounted to 180,000 rubles.

The Circus of the Staniewski Brothers was one of the best circuses in the world and presented a very high artistic level. The place was famous for its water circus. The arena had a special construction thanks to which it could be filled with water. In the circus there were also wrestling wrestling.

It is said that the circus of the Staniewski brothers in the interwar period was to contribute to the guest performances in it (in the first half of the 1920s) of the strongest man in the world , a Polish Jew from Stryków (then a US citizen) Zishe (Zygmunt) Breitbart .

The building was destroyed during the defense of Warsaw in 1939 . After the war, it was not rebuilt. In the years 1960-1966 the building of the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music was built here.


Okólnik 2
00-368 Warszawa

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