Cirque Rancy | The Alcazar

1892 -1941
3,500 places (figures given for the Rancy circus)
Musical genres represented in this place: circus, concerts, balls, music hall, meeting room.


Over the years there have been several Alcazars in Lyon:

  • The Alcazor of Brotteaux, at the corner of rue Vendôme and rue Sully, which was demolished in 1877 to allow the construction of the Church of the Redemption; this is a transformation of the Colosseum theater which was built in 1844: the architect Exbrayat gives the Alcazar a Moorish style: it is an immense rotunda 55 m in diameter, a masterpiece of wood frame ; Mr. Cormoz is the manager. The Alcazar holds balls, some of which benefit charitable organizations. The Alcazar also wants to program popular concerts, the aim of which is to democratize great music, but the success is very moderate. The organizers blame the Alcazar’s remoteness from central Lyon and abandon the Alcazar for the Rue Impériale Casino. Théodore Rancy set up his circus in the Alcazar in 1873, before buying in 1882 the hall at 220 Avenue de Saxe, where the New Alcazar would be located. In 1877, the Alcazar des Brotteaux disappeared as a café-concert, welcoming skaters, becoming the Skating Rink of Lyon.
  • In 1878, a new Alcazar opened at 34 rue de Sèze, on the site of the old Rotonde.
  • In 1892, the third and New Alcazar moved into the old wooden premises of the Rancy circus, 120 avenue de Saxe / 35 rue Moncey. The New Alcazar offered concerts, balls … and a first cinema screening in 1901, synchronized with a phonograph: short films whose stars are Sarah Bernardt, Coquelin Ainé, the tenor Castera, etcetera.

In 1905, the New Alcazar hosted the first cinematographic show with the tour of the Imperator Cinematograph. Balls are said to have been given there under the direction of conductor Antony Lamothe (1818-1912). The New Alcazar was run by M. Barriquand from 1908-1909 then by the Veuve Barriquand from 1912 to 1914. It became the Music-Hall Oger in 1918. The hall was demolished in 1941.


120 avenue de Saxe / 35 rue Moncey
69003 Lyon

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