Cirque Orléans

From 1886 to 1899 a wooden circus was the location in Orléans where visiting troupes would perform during the local fun fair that would take place in June every year. To avoid the hassle of construction and deconstruction it was decided to build a new circus with a metal structure, bricks and zinc roofing. The building that was inaugurated in 1899 was located at the Boulevard Rocheplatte. It could 2500 spectators and was 36 meters in diameter.

From Circus to Cinema

In 1911 the circus underwent extensive alterations as it was converted into a cinema by the plans of architect Achille Mothiron. From that moment on the building was called “The Alhambra Theater”. Despite the big amount of alterations one could still see the typical circus dome from the outside of the building. In 1933 the cinema theater was transformed into a big one hall cinema called “Cinéma le Royal”. The cinema closed in 1974 and was torn down to make place for an office building under the same name: Le Royal.


31, Boulevard Rocheplatte
45000 Orléans

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