Circus World Theater

The Circus World Theater was located at the corner of what currently is the Olav Vs Gate and the Klingenberggata. In 1887 Danish businessman Bernard Jacobsen managed to acquire some land in Oslo to build a multi functional circus building.

The red brick Renaissance style building designed by architect Ove Ekman could seat almost 2500 spectators, the stables could house no less than 70 horses. Its dome was 40 meters wide and rised 30 meters high. The construction costs were said to be 300.000 Ore.

Traveling circus could rent the building to perform in. If there was no circus the building was used as a cinema, music festival, boxing or other performances.

The circus building was inaugurated on March 15, 1890 with a guest play by Cirkus Schumann, who also gave the last performance there on October 16, 1935.

The famous composer Edvard Grieg gave concerts there in October 1890, the first movie showing of Norway took place inside the Circusbuilding.

After the last circus performance the Circus building and the surrounding area called Tivoli was demolished to make room for the new City Hall.


Olav Vs gate 4
0161 Oslo

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