Circus in Avtovo

The branch of the Federal State Company “Circus in AvtoVO” is the assignee of the mobile circus “Mayak”, whose tours were held with great success in Leningrad in the summer. Шапито established on the Moscow avenue, opposite to “Park of the Victory”. Now the Russian National Library is built on this site, in connection with its construction the seasonal circus “Mayak” moved to the Kirovsky district in 1985 and settled down in the historical quarter called “AVTOVO”, which determined its future name. Then there were completely different requirements and parameters. The tent is a tent, there is a tent, temporary work depending on the weather conditions. And so the idea to make it stationary, ultramodern in terms of design, design, architecture, to make it fit into the landscape, into the architectural appearance of the district, became its decoration, was very attractive.


Avtovskaya Ulitsa, 1А
198096 Saint Petersburg

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