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The CircArtive Hof (formerly Rappenhof) is located between Schwäbisch Gmünd and Schwäbisch Hall – in the middle of the beautiful Swabian Forest.

It is surrounded by a spacious, idyllic forest and meadow landscape and today includes a farmhouse with stables, a main house with dining room and other facilities, a settlement with 15 holiday homes and, in summer, a circus town with many colorful tents. Since 2021 a little circus building known as the CircArtive Haus is part of the Rappenhof circus infrastructure.

History of the Rappenhof

The Rappenhof has a rich history. The farmhouse with stables was built in 1856. From 1925 onwards, injured people were cared for by the War Victims Association.

In 1960 the Rappenhof was taken over by Karlshöhe Ludwigsburg and expanded into a family recreation center. During this time, the Rappenhof gained nationwide importance as a family recreation center.

At the end of 2002 association JuKi took over the Rappenhof with the aim of reviving this gem with its traditional, natural overall concept in a slightly different form. The association JuKi – Future for Children and Young People e. V., was founded in March 1998 with the aim of creating adventure and cultural educational offers for children, young people and families.

The heart of today’s CircArtive Hof is formed on the one hand by the leisure education facility with its special, experience-oriented offers for families, groups and school classes, on the other hand by the circus city, where children, young people and adults are trained in circus techniques and live in a community.

Both approaches convey freedom and security in a closed, pristine, natural area that is rarely found today.

At the CircArtive Hof people live in and with nature. That is why it is important to them to use resources sensibly. They have an ecologically oriented energy concept and deal with recyclable materials in a targeted manner.

On their leisure farm, humans and animals live in harmony with one another. Rabbits, cats, sheep, goats and mini pigs invite you to stroke them. Icelandic horses and donkeys are available for riding and running.

The CircArtive Hof thus offers its guests very different and diverse opportunities for play, fun and relaxation in a wonderful environment.


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