Chișinău Circus

In 1981 this circus building was constructed (chief architect SM Shoikhet , State Prize of the Moldavian SSR , 1984). Prior to this circus performances were held in temporary buildings. According to the account, the Chisinau Circus was the fourth in the world and the first in the USSR in terms of beauty and convenience. April 25, 1982 was presented to the first concert program, in honor of the 60th anniversary of the formation of the USSR . For a month the Chisinau Circus gave from 36 to 57 performances, while the rest of the circuses of the USSR gave 12-14. Performers from Russia , Belarus , Ukraine , Germany , China , Finland and other countries performed at the arena of the Chisinau circus. In 2004 the circus was closed for repairs, since then no circus performances have been held in its building.

In 2007, the Circus was reorganized from a state enterprise into a joint stock company, in which the majority shareholder is the Ministry of Culture.

After a break of 10 years, the small arena of the Chisinau Circus was inaugurated, with a diameter of 9.51 m, with a capacity of 308 seats. The official opening took place on May 30, 2014.

The renovation of the big arena and remainder of the circus building was planned to be finished and celebrated with a big reopening in 2020/2021.


Strada Circului 33
2024 Chișinău

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