Arkhangelsk State Circus

Arkhangelsk State Circus

The first mention of the circus in Arkhangelsk is dated 1889. The first circus buildings in Arkhangelsk (summer, wooden) were built in 1905 by N.Lar (he held an entreprise in Arkhangelsk until 1908) and A.Izako (kept the entreprise until 1910). Since 1910, the troupe of the famous circus artist Semyon Pavlov worked in the Izako Circus. In 1913, the circus burned down and in the same year Pavlov built a new circus building in Solombala (a settlement near Arkhangelsk, now a historical district of the city), in which he held an entreprise. This circus existed until 1925.

Nowadays the circus is in ruins. Despite several years talking about restoring the building it seems that this will probably not happen.


Arkhangelsk State Circus
Prospekt Troitskiy, 110
163000 Arkhangelsk
Arkhangelskaya oblast’

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