Discover the history of Circus


1. the customs and beliefs, art, way of life and social organization of a particular country or group 2. a country, group, etc. with its own beliefs, etc. 3. art, music, literature, etc., thought of as a group


The history, traditions, buildings and objects that a country or society has had for many years and that are considered an important part of its character.


1. the act of keeping something in its original state or in good condition. 2. the act of making sure that something is kept. 3. the degree to which something has not been changed or damaged by age, weather, etc.

Our passion: Circus

Circus is culture. And it has its very own culture too. Its unique way of life, its own beliefs and circus people are clearly identifiable as a group of professional entertainers.

Circus has its own heritage. A history that spans well over 250 years. Circus buildings, big tops, props, posters, together they form the unique intricate circus character.

On this website we show why the Circus needs to be preserved and protected. Not just its culture, but also more tangible heritage. Modern day politics on international, national and even council level more and more form a threat. Some countries are even unwilling to officially declare the circus a cultural art form and treat it accordingly. Old circus buildings need to be protected and preserved. The same goes for old circus wagons, posters, props, etc.